Recover Your Deleted Data Or Files [ Test Disk , PhotoRec Tool Free Tool ] { Recovery Tutorial }

Hi Guys,

In order to recover our deleted data or files we are using Test Disk & Photorec tools. These both tools are open source that means these tools are free to use. The tools are available for Windows , Linux & MacOS.

Here I am presenting data & files recovery tutorials with the help of these two tools. However tutorials made in Hindi language still you don't need to worry about it. just follow the screen instruction with important information mentioned in English. You can easily recover your data.

These videos are in three parts and all have separate purpose to resolve the issue.

Part 1 : Restore Deleted Partition Or Drive Using Test Disk Tool

Part 2: Restore Deleted Files In Windows Using Test Disk Tool

Part 3: Restore Deleted Files Using PhotoRec Tool

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