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This blog is all about technical stuff related to IT technology. You can find tutorials, tech news, tech topic, technical solutions , learning materials and "how to" related post on this blog. The main aim of this blog is to help the IT communitity and people who are in the field of IT and who are passionate about IT technology.

Arjun Singh

An IT Engineer and Founder of IT GUY AKAY . He has past 6 years experience in IT support mainly desktop, network, application support. He loves troubleshoot issues related to IT technology. His primary skills are Windows , Linux , Android , Programming and Cloud technologies.

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The world needs IT experts and a good IT experts is rare species so If you are the one and contribute with us then you are welcome. Share your ideas , experience , skills with other to help them.

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I know that everyone's time is precious. And to write one post is enough time taking task. So below are some benifits writing blog posts with us

1: Earnings : By posting your posts on this blog I ensure you all the earning of related to your posts will be sent to you. So It will be your extra encome source for you. The blog is associated with adsense earning programme and earning is enabled. So as much your post and topic grow the chance of earning increase.

2: Knowledge and Improvements : Once you share your experince and teach "how to" topic you will skills up yourself with that particular topic and that gives your confident about that topic.

3: Recognation : Everytime you post, a brief bio will shown at the end. This will gives you recognition

4: Membership : Once you achieve recognition and trust , you will be add as permanent member of this blog

So If you want to contribute with us then just mail me on akay25@protonmail.com

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