Browser Extension is small tool which perform a specific task on browser & this way they extend the functionality of a browser.

Below I am providing some awesome extensions that you must should try this.

Browser JSGaurd: Browser JSGuard detects and defends from such attacks made through the web browser. It blocks access to the harmful, inappropriate and dangerous websites that may contain malicious content.

1. Content/Heuristic based JS & HTML malware protection
2. Alerts the User on visiting Malicious Web pages
3. Provides detailed analysis of webpage threats
4. Ease of installation / maintenance
5. Suitable for both home and office usage
6. Signed by Mozilla Add-on community

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Malwarebyte: Malwarebytes Browser Guard blocks malicious websites while filtering out annoying ads and other unwanted content. It  blocks new fake tech support scams & crushes pop-ups, browser hijackers, and browser lockers with ease.


1. Block ads & load pages faster
2. Puts the hurt on tech support scammers
3. Crushes click boats
4. Protects your privacy
5. Stop malware 
6. Advertising/tracker protection
7. Potentially unwanted program (PUP) protection

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TemperMonkey: Tampermonkey is the most popular userscript manager, What you can do with this tool  is just download the YouTube videos. for more info visit y2mate

1.    run user scripts
2:    enable and disable your scripts with 2 clicks
3:    script synchronization via Chrome Sync and cloud storage (Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive, )
4: backup & restore via zip or cloud storage

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Social Video Downloader:  This tools allow you to download public video from social media platform e.g facebook.

1. simple
2. SD or HD download option

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Dark Mode: Dark mode is simple application which turns your browser into dark mode so you can work in dark rooms while protecting your eyesight.

1. Multi Style Options
2. Exclude option For a particular site
3. Define your own color scheme
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Earth View From Google Earth: Simple google earth base theme pack for your browser which gives your browser's background a very super cool looks.

1. Supports a wide range of wallpapers for your browser.
2. Download option
3. Visit the web gallery
4. Visit the google earth map

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Betternet Proxy VPN: A free VPN for you. If some sites are blocked in your country and want to browse that site use this free one. No need to purchase or any trial period. Or no need to download the application. Just install this plugins & that’s all.

1. Free to use without any trial periods
2. 4 geo location to connect for VPN
3. Secure, Trusted & Stable
4. Works perfectly

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Hotspot: An another free proxy VPN tool that allow you to surf the internet in secure way.

1) free (with limited features & servers)
2) blocks adware, malware, cookies, trackers, Web RTC.
3)bypass local network
4) encryption to your traffic
5) 4.5 rating on chrome web store with 0.2 million downloads

Secure Shell: Secure shell is a small utility which is used to connect to remote machine securely (terminal base connection). If you are system administrator, then this tool is useful for you.


1) Securely Connect to remote machine(tty)
2) Relay server option
3) Appearance customize option
4) Add you ssh keys
5) Import your keys to connect
6) Can create profile

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Full Page Capture Screen: A full page capture screen is another useful tool which helps you to take a screenshot of full length web pages. So if something important for your you can save that thing offline.

1) You can save pages in pdf or jpeg format
2) Keyboard short cut to screenshot of your web pages.
3) Need not to scroll as it will do automatically
4) Inbuilt edit options so you can add extra comments on the page

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Google Translator: Google translator is online tool that helps you to translate any text to other language. So if you are trying to read any content in any language it will translate for you while browsing.

1) translate in any international language.
2) interactive mode
3) Use for incognito mode

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Google Input Tool: Google input tool offer you to type your text in any language. Its offer an available most of the international as well as local popular language of any country.

1) Texting in any international language.
2) Can use in incognito mode
3) Interactive mode so you can type directly to any site.
4) Add multiple input method.
5) Customize shortcut keys

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Save To Facebook: If you do browsing social media a lot and upload content to your Facebook page usually then this is for you. You can save any page content or page directly to your Facebook page & later can upload or share to your timeline.

1) Save any web internet content to your Facebook page privately.
2) You can share that saved page later with your friends or on timeline.
3) Tool offer you to saved items in an organized manner.
4) Later you can see your items from anywhere with your Facebook credential  

Download Link:
Firefox(not available)

Save To Google Drive: this can also save any web content to yours google drive for future reference which you are not intent to share on social media platform.

1) Save web content to your google drive including text photos videos web pages audios
2) Able to take  the screenshot of your webpage and save them to google drive
3) Save the URL
4) Save the hyperlinks
5) You can customize the save content formats (jpeg, html, google docs, etc.)

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Firefox (not available)

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