Remove These Fraudulent Apps From Your Smartphone | Tech News | JUNE 2020

In today's world , It is impossible to think our life without a smartphone.This is the reason that every day thousands of thousands applications developed & available for our smartphones. You can download these application commonly with any app store e.g google play store & Apple app store.But do you know this popular smartphone OS also becoming the victim of fraudulent activities.A popular global agency Whiteops is working to find out these type of application has released a list of 41 apps which are doing such a frauds . They are doing frauds with user by publishing too many popups to user's smartphone , sending invalid traffic to user's phone,showing irregular patterns,redirecting pages, false representation,misleading information,manipulated behavior etc . These applications has 2 millions downloads.Whiteops confirms that they are doing ads based frauds to their users & make it difficult to remove these app from smartphones.One of the common thing in these apps that they all are focused on beauty apps.

Below are the list of applications which are doing frauds & also removed by Google from their play store.

Beauty Camera Selfie Filter

Yoroko Camera

Solu Camera

Lite Beauty Camera

Beauty Collage Lite

Beauty & Filters Camera

Photo Collage & Beauty Camera

Gaty Beauty Camera

Pand Selife Beauty Camera

Catoon Photo Editor & Selfie Beauty Camera

Benbu Selife Beauty Camera

Ele Beauty Camera

Flower Beauty Camera

Elegant Beauty Cam-2019

Selfie Beauty Camera & Funny Filters

Selfie Beauty Camera Pro

Pro Selfie Beauty Camera

Pinut Selife Beauty Camera & Photo Editor

Mood Photo Editor & Selife Beauty Camera

Rose Photo Editor & Selfie Beauty Camera

Selife Beauty Camera & Photo Editor

Best Selfie Beauty Camera

Orange Camera

Sunny Beauty Camera 

Landy Selfie Beauty Camera

Nut Selfie Camera

Rose Photo Editor & Selfie Beauty Camera

Art Beauty Camera-2019

Fog Selife Beauty Camera

First Selife Beauty Camera & Photo Editor

Vanu Selife Beauty Camera

Sun Pro Beauty Camera

Funny Sweet Beauty Camera

Little Bee Beauty Camera

Beauty Camera & Photo Editor Pro

Grass Beauty Camera

If you wanna check the details about every application click here

For more details visit the WhiteOps Official Blog

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