Manjaro Has Released Its Latest Update For Sept 2020 [ Testing Branch ]

[Testing Update] 2020-09-15 - Kernels, Pamac, Gamemode, Qt 5.15.1, Systemd, AMDVLK, Wine

Hello community, Another testing branch update with some interesting updates for you! We are working on the PinePhone... #stayhome, #staysafe, #stayhealthy We updated some of our KDE-git packages plus most of our Kernels Pamac 9.5.10 got released Gamemode is at 1.6 Qt5 got updated to 5.15.1 which might break some KDE Frameworks are updated to 5.74.0 Systemd is now at 246.5 AMDVLK got renewed to 2020.Q3.5 Wine is now updated to 5.17 Some browsers got updated Usual Python and Hask...

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