Cloud computing  is the one of the latest technology in IT industry. And almost every company is shifting their IT Infrastructure on cloud. because they know what they will get benefits by doing this.
So , What is cloud ? And What is the benefits of using this? What is its type ? How can we use this? Many more questions comes in mind. So in this post we will discuss what actually cloud & cloud computing is?

What is Cloud:

In IT terminology, A cloud is a platform which provides IT services such as IT Networking , IT Hardware, IT Applications etc to the remote end users without having a direct physical connection.Without direct physical connection means that , you have virtually connected with your IT resources. So the platform who provides these services is called cloud Service Provider & the platform itself is called cloud .
           For example, just look at the service of google drive , Which provide you the data storage of 15 GB for free & paid services for further storage.You dont need to take any physical storage device to manage your 15 GB storage. you just have to login to your account and go to google drive and thats all.

So When you use these services in your IT infrastructure, then it is called Cloud Computing.

So now we know what cloud is.So you might want to know  why we need cloud services & where we get these services. 

Benefits of Cloud Services :   

In our traditional IT infrastructure,We have to planned & setup everything which build our IT network e.g network , hardware , applications, servers  and also need a skilled group of IT persons for these all services.  This might be a huge cost for a company to setup and maintain all its resources.

In other hand, Cloud services provide flexibility over these resources to setup and maintain. Also the services's cost cut down dramatically while using cloud services.

Classification of Cloud Services

Cloud services divided  mainly into three parts.These are based on the services we required in our IT Infrastructure.

> IaaS: 'Infra as a Service' is the class of cloud where we use hardware resources either physical/virtual which are necessary to build up basic IT Infrastructure of any organisation.

For example to create a basic IT infrastructure,we need computers and server machines ,Networking, Storage devices & operating systems etc. All the things provides by cloud service provider. you only have to manage & control your these resources but some controls kept by service provider like how & where machines will lay physically.

PaaS: 'Platform as a Service' is the class of cloud where you dont need to worry about IaaS services.You will get a pre-configured IT platform as your requirement. You just have to deploy & manage your applications.all the other things e.g software upgrading, patching, disk storage, hardware maintenance will be managed by the cloud service providers.This service is basically for programmers & developers.

For example, you are developing a web based application , basically you need computers, network, programming language execution tools, database server, database monitoring tools etc. so cloud service provider provides you a platform for your web devlopment. you just need to deploy & manage your website. all the software & patches will be loaded by cloud service provider & hardware maintenance will be done by them.

> SaaS: 'Software as a Service' is the class of cloud where we use software applications as a service in our IT infrastructure. 

For example a web mail service like gmail etc.all the mails stored in google cloud mail servers.you just use & pay for the service.

Cloud Service Providers

There are many companies in the market which are providing various types of cloud services. Some of the big companies are :

1) Amazon Web Services

2) Microsoft Azure 

3) Google Cloud Services

4) Digital Ocean Cloud Services

5)  VMware

6) IBM Cloud Computing

7) Redhat Cloud Suite

8) Adobe Creative Cloud

9) Heroku

10) Rackspace

11) Oracle Cloud Solution

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