Any one can be attacked with computer viruses / malware / ransomware in their computers . And If you are using Windows system then chances might be in multiple in numbers that your PC might be attacked by viruses/malware/ransomware & make system malfunctioned or vulnerable.  But there are many free tools available which helps you to protect your PC & you can download these tools from trusted sources & these tools are provided by prestige software companies.Lets start to secure your PC.

1) Windows Security In-Build Tools: Might be you are not agree but Windows In-built security tool is the first tool that you have to update with latest security patches provided by Windows. They are provided you enough security for basic to mid level protection from viruses/malware.

2) Firewall: Never disable the firewall until you really need this. this will provide you an extra layer of security to your system. they will only allow the application which is default mentioned in firewall rules. & limited the outgoing traffic.You can restrict the application if you dont want to allow to access the network.This will limit & reduce the chances of threats from unknown sources.

3) Antivirus Trial Versions  : In case you suspects that your systems is not working properly or might be there is a virus or malware, you can try any trusted antivirus trial pack. As they provide full protection while on trial packs.

One of the best tool is MalwareBytes. Its protection level is extreme  & they provide free 14 days full protection for your PC.

Or use Norton Antivirus Free Tool 

Windows Malicious Software Removal Tool (MSRT) : This is malware removal tool that can scan a folder or drive. You can download from the official link given below. Or just search with the patch number KB890830-x64-V5.81.exe

4) Botware Protection :  A group of computers controlled by cybercriminals to spread malware and launch other malicious attacks on their targets is called a botnet. A botnet infection is when your computer becomes a part of a botnet. Quick heal provide the free tool by collaboration with Indian IT ministry to remove these type of botware from your system.You can use this for free.

5) UnTrusted Sites : Never visit a the sites which is loaded with too many pop-ups and never download from these sites because they can easily download any file without your permissions in background.

6) Hash Functions:  Always verify your downloaded file with hash value. To know more this post. LINK

7) Security Updates: Update your Windows with at least for security patches you can customize your update option by unchecked another updates and selection only security updates. 

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