Basic File Compression Commands In Linux | tar , gzip, bzip .....

List of basic tar commands

1)tar -cf archive.tar file1 file2

Make archive.tar file of file1 & file2

2) tar -tvf archive.tar

To see what in side the archive.tar without extracting it

3)tar -xvf archive.tar

 To extracts the archive.tar file

4) tar -czvf  compress.tgz

To compress the tar with gzip format

5)tar -xzvf compress.tgz

To extract the .tgz file

6)tar -cjvf compress.bz2  file1 file2

Bzip compression of files

7) tar -xjvf compress.bz2

Extract the bzip files

8) tar -cvf archove.tar  A*

Only  tar files starting with 'A'

9) tar -xvf archive.tar --wildcards "A*"

Only extracts files starting with 'A' only

10) tar -rvf archive.tar filename 

Add filename to archive.tar file without creating fresh tar file

11) tar -cf - * | wc -c

Check the size in bytes witout create tar file

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