How To Stop Auto Play Videos Option In Android Facebook App

I personally feel  that auto-play video feature of Facebook app is so irritating & consuming lots of data even when you don't even want to play or watch video & still there is no control over the resolution of streaming video. So you must want to know how to stop this auto functionality of play video in Facebook App. If you are interested , Please read below steps to stop this auto play feature.

Note: It is recommend to update Facebook app so it will easy to follow the steps.

1: Open the Facebook App.
2: Tap on 'three horizontal lines' option at  the top right side of the main home screen.

3: Select setting & privacy option.

4: Tap on setting option.
5: Find to media & contacts option & tap on it.

6: Here you will find option Auto-play.

7: Select 'never auto play'

That's All

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