List of Advance Operating Systems Use For Hacking, Privacy & Security , Anonymity

If privacy is your top priority or you are interested to learn hacking or be anonymous over internet then you are at right place because here we will talk about some top secure & advance operating systems who gives you more security & privacy when you are connected to outer world. With the help of these Operating Systems you can be anonymous over internet. No traces , No footprints, No record.

Below list is in alphabetical order & all Operating Systems are opensource and each OS is design with some specific mechanisms with specific purposes & for certain users.

So Lets Start.


"This is more than an operating system"

This operating system is an opensource so everyone can download & install it. BackBox Linux is a penetration testing and security assessment oriented Linux distribution providing a network and systems analysis toolkit. It includes some of the most commonly known/used security and analysis tools, aiming for a wide spread of goals, ranging from web application analysis to network analysis, stress tests, sniffing, vulnerability assessment, computer forensic analysis, automotive and exploitation. It has been built on Ubuntu core system yet fully customized, designed to be one of the best Penetration testing and security distribution and more.

Top Features:

1) Fast , Stable & Performance Oriented : It uses XFCE desktop environment manager which makes it lighter & fast to perform better. They puts extreme tweaking of services, configurations, boot parameters and the entire infrastructure which makes it highly performed & low resources utilization. This means you can use it on old system configuration.

2) Easy To Use User Interface : The main home desktop & menu is design to make it simple & easy to use and find any tool , so a new user can easily operate it. This make it user friendly desktop environment.

3) Hacker Friendly : As BackBox is debian base distro. It comes with lots of useful tools for penetration & anonymity tools.Which helps you to learn & achieve cyber security skills.


"BlackArch Linux Penetration Testing Distribution"

As its name suggests , it is Arch based Linux distro. As they mentioned in their homepage it is mainly focused on penetration testing & security researcher. If you are already using Arch Linux then you can convert your Arch to BlackArch. They have plenty numbers of tools which can be used for penetration & security testing.They have mentioned 2570  tools in there repository. There are many type of installation methods to use BlackArch Linux including Live iso.

Top Features:

1)Download/Installation Options: You have many options to download BlackArch including live iso, ova images (for Virtual Machine), full iso , installation from existing Arch Linux, ARM supported, with multiple mirrors.

2) Long List of Tools :There are enough number of tools which you can use for penetration testing & security researching. In current repository there are 2570 tools available right now & they are adding more tools in every new release.

3) Package System: As we know BlackArch is Arch based Linux distro which uses pacman update manager.

4) Multiple Windows Manager : BlackArch does not use any desktop environment but instead of this they uses multiple windows manager.

5) Advance Installation Process: However BlackArch is a little tricky to install because its does not have UI to install it. but that's the beauty of it. That makes it advance OS as well as hackers favorites. A full setup of BlackArch comes with 15GB that is enough to say how powerful & advance this distro

Kali Linux

"Our Most Advanced Penetration Testing Distribution, Ever"

Kali is another powerful & secure OS which is primarily used in penetration testing & digital forensic.It is maintain & funded by Offensive Security. Unlike in BlackArch it have multiple desktop environments . Kali is one of the most advance penetration testing platform.If you are interest to build your career in cyber security or in digital forensic, they also provide online courses for that. Kali comes with default 369 hacking related tools.

Top Features:

Simple & Powerful: Kali Linux is one of the most powerful & most popular Linux operating system based on Debian distro. Its is supported by all the modern system architecture as well as old one.Its comes with many desktop environments like GNOME , KDE ,XFCE etc.

Download/Installation Options : Kali Linux has multiple options for downloads like OVA , Live ISO, Full ISO, Kali for can try any one these as of your requirement.

MetaPackages: Metapackages give you the flexibility to install specific subsets of tools based on your particular needs. For instance, if you are going to conduct a wireless security assessment, you can quickly create a custom Kali ISO and include the kali-linux-wireless metapackage to only install the tools you need.

Career Oriented : Kali also provide online training materials & courses So if you are interested & serious about hacking. You can choose this distro.

NetHunter (Kali For Smartphone):Kali Linux is also available for some Android smartphones as it is called Net hunters . If you have one of the these smartphone you can try Kali on your smartphone

Tools: The Kali Linux penetration testing platform contains a vast array of tools and utilities, from information gathering to final reporting, that enable security and IT professionals to assess the security of their systems.Currently its listed with 369 hacking tools of different categories.

Parrot OS

"All-in-one framework for Cyber Security, Software Development and Privacy Defense"

Parrot Os is another secure privacy & penetration oriented Linux based OS. As they mentioned in their homepage "All-in-one framework for Cyber Security, Software Development and Privacy Defense". It includes a full portable laboratory for all kinds of cyber security operations, from pentesting to digital forensics and reverse engineering, but it also includes everything needed to develop your own software or keep your data secure.

Top Features:

Free & Stable : Parrot OS comes with always updated, frequently released with many hardening and sandboxing options available. Everything is under your complete control.Feel free to get the system, share with anyone, read the source code and change it as you want! this system is made to respect your freedom, and it ever will be.

Secure & Privacy Oriented : It is a complete arsenal of security tools that can be deployed on all your devices and in the cloud. It is also a secure and hardened system ready to securely surf the web and privately communicate with, plus many useful zero-knowledge services where encryption is done right. it provides its own sandbox system by combining Firejail and AppArmor with custom security profiles.

Stable & Lightweight: Parrot OS comes with plenty of tools with XFCE & KDE desktop environments. It is build this way to reduce the consumption of hardware resources. It can runs with old system configuration as well as limited hardware resources.

Portable & Universal : The tools are designed to be compatible with as many devices as possible via containerization technologies like Docker .You can use the Parrot tools on Windows, Mac OS or any other Linux distribution without changing your habits.

Download & Installation Options: You can download parrot OS as per your requirement. There is a options of download the ParrotOS without there penetration tools & you can separately download & install tools after the installation of your have options to choos the default desktop environment as it comes with KDE & XFCE desktop environment. There are OVA images & net install options available.

Pentoo Linux

"penetration testing and security assessment"

Pentoo is a Live CD and Live USB designed for penetration testing and security assessment. Pentoo is a security-focused live cd based on Gentoo Linux.It's basically a gentoo install with lots of customized tools, customized kernel, and much more.

Top Features:

1)Kernel with wifi hacking related packages
2)Module loading support ala slax
3)Changes saving on usb stick
4)XFCE4 wm
5)OPENCL cracking support with development tools
6)System and security updates if you got it finally installed

However their most builds are beta & daily updates since 2019 but you can try these build as testing or as live CD.


"A reasonably secure OS"

Qubes OS is the privacy & security oriented OS. It is build for general users in order to maintain their privacy with all application while working in a system .It is desktop friendly OS. It comes with top level of security mechanisms. By default it uses XFCE desktop environment & it is based on Debian distro.

    For security & Pirvacy it uses the virtual compartmentalization mechanism. It creates & manage the isolated  virtual machines for every task/software which is called Qubes.
    As Qubes OS is great security & privacy oriented OS still it has some harware compatibilty issues. Before installation check the hardware compatibility with your system.

Top Features:

1) Strong Isolation: It isolate the software as if they were installed on separate physical machines using PV or HVM virtualization techniques.

2)Template System: It allow qubes called AppVMs to share a root file system without sacrificing security using the innovative Template system

3) Multiple Operating System: You can use multiple Operating system at the same time including Fedora, Debian, or Windows

4) Disposable VMs: You can create disaposable VMs and remove when closed.

5) Whonix Integration: Be anonymous using TOR with Whonix.

6) U2F Proxy : Two factor authentication & Many More....

Tails OS

"Tails is portable OS that protects your privacy & helps you to avoid censorship"

Tails OS can be used for doing Anonymity stuff over internet.It secure your privacy & hide your identity over internet.There are plenty of security tools which are preinstalled in OS.Any one can use tails OS whenever you need a secure network & top level privacy to use internet. As it is portable OS you can install it in your pendrive & walks with it, And use it with any system by plugging your pendrive to system and boot from pendrive (pressing f12).

Top Features:

1) Privacy & Anonymity : It is privacy & anonymity oriented portable OS.Which is used to avoid surveillance,censorship,advertising & viruses.

2) Portable: As it is portable OS you can install it in your pendrive & walks with it, And use it with any system by plugging your pendrive to system and boot from pen drive (pressing f12).

3) Digital Security : Tails includes a selection of applications to work on sensitive documents and communicate securely. Everything in Tails is ready-to-use and has safe defaults. So you can use it for banking , transactions , payments in a system which you dont trust.

4) Open Source : As it is opensource , you can download and use it for free.


"Software That Can Anonymize Everything You Do Online"

Whonix is the Debian base fully OS which runs under the virtual software like VMware,KVM etc.It provide highest level of anonymity over the internet that makes impossible to leak the IP of a machine.Whonix is based on kicksecure which is a security-hardened OS.It comes with numerous tools & applications which helps you to be anonymous over internet.

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Top Features:

1)Anonymity: It guarantees about the 100% leak proof of IP of a machine.

2) Use TOR mechanism: Its uses various opensource security & privacy based mechanism (including TOR & Kicksecure)in order to provide highest level of anonymity.

3) Keystroke Anonymization : Keystrokes can be used to track users. To prevent this, Whonix comes with kloak installed by default.

4) Android Support : You can use android based application with the help of Whonix-Custom-Workstation using Android x86 tool.

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