These Most Popular Applications Are Developed By Indians

As an Indian I always keen interested to know about those people who makes us proud.And When it comes to IT I believe you will feel more proud because in today's time where the world global IT firms are run by Indians such as Google and Microsoft. There are more people who give us opportunity to feel proud by developing some most popular software applications. So here I am providing a list of some applications which has been developed/co-developed by Indians.However the actual list is so long but I tried some of the best and most popular applications.

Below are the some most popular software applications which are developed by Indians

Hotmail: Its was very first free electronic mail service & we all new about who developed this application. Later this is bought by Microsoft & now we all use it as Microsoft Outlook.

Devlopers: Sabeer Bhatia , Jack Smith

Launched : July , 1993

Platform: WEB , iOS, Android ,Windows

Official Site:

Google News: Google News one of the top news aggregator app. It indexes 25,000 news websites in 35 languages.

Devlopers: Krishna Bhatt

Launched: September , 2002

Platform: Web , iOS, Android

Official Site:

Emacspeak: It is a free speech interface & audio desktop In order to provide the accessibility to users with physical disabilities.

Developer:  TV Raman (note: TV Raman is  also  known for many  applications like google accessibility search , Chrome Vox , Eyes-Free, XHTML+Voice & many more)

Launched: April, 1995

Platform: Cross platform

Official Site:

LinkedIn Pulse: If you are professional then you might be familiar with LinkedIn website, which is just like a social platform for professionals. LinkedIn Pulse is a built-in aggregation news app in LinkedIn.

Developers/Founders: Ankit Gupta and Akshay Kothari 

Official Site:

Launch date: May, 2010

Platform: Android, IOS, Web

Hike Sticker Chat:  It is instant messaging application just like WhatsApp. But more popular and use for its amazing sticker chatting. It’s a fun.  It supports 10 languages which is primarily targeted for Indian users.

Developers/founders: Kavin Bharti Mittal

Official Site:

Launched Date: December, 2012

Platform: Android, IOS, WEB

Mitron: This is a free short video maker application & social platform. This platform provides the alternate for those people who creates short videos on TikTok. This is highly gaining popularity app.

Developers/Founders: Shivank Agarwal and Anish Khandelwal

Official Site:

Launched Date: April, 2020

Platform: Android


SignEasy: Sign Easy is a cloud based solution to sign any document. Signatures done with SignEasy are compliant with the ESIGN Act as well as the eIDAS and the European Directive (EC/1999/93).

Developers/Founders: Sunil Patro

Official Site:

Launched Date: 2010

Platform: Android ,iOS, WEB

Zomato: Zomato is a restaurant aggregator & food delivery app. The app is internationally popular now & serving more than 24 countries.

Developers/Founder: Deepinder Goyal, Pankaj Chaddha

Official Site:

Launched: July 2008

Platform: Android, iOS, WEB

Paytm: It is a digital payment platform application & online shopping site. It offers payment like recharges, bills, bookings payments. It’s also provide services of mini payment bank.

Developers/Founder: Vijay Shekhar Sharma

Official Site:

Lauched: August ,2010

Platform: Android, iOS, WEB

FlipKart: flipkart is another online merchant e-commerce site. At starting time company sells books online. It is later owned by Walmart. Myntra, jabong, phonepe, Ekart are the subsidiary of these.

Developers/Founder: Sachin bansal, Binny Bansal

Official Site:

Launched: 2007

Platform: WEB, Android, iOS

Hotstar: Hotstar is an online live streaming application. Mainly famous for cricket & other sports live streaming. Its also provide movies , serials & other short videos contents. Now it is owned by Walt Disney India.

Developers/Founder: Star India

Official Site:

Launched: 2015

Platform: WEB, Android, iOS

BookMyShow: It’s an online ticket selling site. You can buy ticket of movies, events ,games , shows , Plays , music concerts etc. It is a owned by of BigTree Entertainment pvt ltd.

Developers/Founder: Ashish Hemrajani, Parikshit Dar, Rajesh Balpande

Official Site:

Launched: 2007

Platform: WEB, Android, iOS

Inshorts: It’s a news aggregator platform. Which is one of the most popular android applications at present.

Devlopers: Azhar Iqubal,  Anunay Arnav , Deepit Purkayasth

Official site:

Launched : 2013

Platform: WEB, Android, iOS

Epic Browser: Epic is privacy oriented web browser.Its based on opensource code of chromium browser.

Devloper: Alok Bhardwaj

Lauched: July, 2010

Official Site:

Platform: Windows, MAC, Android

PhonePe: It’s a e-commerce company, It is a mobile application base e payment system. which is mainly use for transfer money in a secure way. It’s also use for online payments bills etc. It was the first UPI system application in India.

Developer/Founder: Sameer Nigam, Rahul Chari

Official Site:

Launched:  2015

Platform: Android, iOS



Note: All information in this post has been fetched from internet (mostly wikipedia) if there are some mistakes or some incomplete please write in comment I will correct/update it.Also some applications are developed by a company, not by individual developers so I put the name of founder who initiated that project.

Pictures are belongs to their actual copyright owner.Here I have used for reference only.











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