A Snowball is a storage device in petabytes scale which can be use to transfer data offline in high speed rate. This device is used when you want to upload the large size of data (in terabytes) to AWS cloud. It comes with multiple layer of security and transfer data with 256bit encryption. Transferring data with snowball is fast ,secure ,simple , cheaper than uploading via internet. you can upload any type of data using snowball device.

How To Order Snowball : Snowball can be order via AWS console. You can find this in services > migration & transfer > snowball. Create a job. A device will be shift at your place.

How To Transfer data using Snowball: Once device will be delivered at your place open it with very carefully. attach it with your local network or peer to peer connection.run the client in order to communicate with the snowball device.After that you can transfer your data.Below are the commands to transfer data to snowball.

1: boot-up the snowball device
2: wait until you are not getting shown ready on the E lnk display. Tap on network to see the network details for your snowball
2: get your credentials from AWS snowball console , you will get a password and manifest.bin file.
3: download the client software for your system.
4: open CLI & go to the path where the manifest.bin file is.
5: run the command as mentioned below

snowball start -i [Snowball IP Address] -m [Path/to/manifest/file] -u [29 character unlock code]

Example: snowball start -i -m /Downloads/JID2EXAMPLE-0c40-49a7-9f53-916aEXAMPLE81-manifest.bin  -u 12345-abcde-12345-ABCDE-12345

6: In order to transfer data to snowball , run below command

snowball cp [options] [path/to/data/source] s3://[path/to/data/destination]

Example: snowball cp --recursive /Logs/April s3://MyBucket/Logs

Remember that snowball service is use to import or export data in AWS cloud.

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