Role & Responsibilities of Linux System Administrator

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Roles & Responsibilities of Linux System Administrator

Job Related Tasks 

· Install Operating system

· Manage hardware, firmware and operating system

· Services installation and configuration

· Upgrade Linux servers

· Migrate OS from older hardware to newer hardware

· Patch management

· 3 rd party software installation and configuration


Different Type of Issues or Troubleshooting

· Server is running slow, it take a long time to login

· Disk space is full

· Need more disk space

· NTP is not working

· Server cannot send email Sendmail is not working

· Cant mount NFS file system or CIFS share

· Cannot restart a service

· Cannot reach a server (network related)

· Unable to resolve a hostname from DNS

· Can’t get to the DNS server

· Cant download a new rpm package from using yum command

· Log file is too big

· Server loses IP every time it reboots

· Filesystem is corrupted

· Rsyslog is not sending logs to the central logger

· Cant mount samba share

· Samba share is very slow

· Cannot SSH to a server

· Cannot copy files to a directory, permission denied

· Cannot login as root using SSH protocol

· User cannot write to his/her home directory. User home directory is full

· User cant login through username and password

· Incorrect hostname

· Memory is high or full

· Login issue with username and password

· Writing scripts to automate tasks

· Backup is not working

· Setup cronjobs to schedule tasks


· Create and update all documentation


 · Meet with the vendors or management and keep them updated on the progress of the job/tasks

Additional Tools

 · Monitoring tools

· Documentation tools

· Ticketing system

· Timesheet system

· Configuration tools (Redhat Satellite, Puppet, kickstart etc.)

Vendor Relation:

· Redhat · HP · Dell · Cisco · Sun/Oracle · VMWare

· 3 rd Party vendors (Application related)

· Microsoft

Third Party Applications Support

· Any application that will be running on Linux servers


 · Keeping track of all licensing

Other Job Related Tasks

· Being on-call

· Recommendation or introduce new technology

· Attend training or job related seminars

· Project management

· Evaluate 3rd party tools

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