Bromite | A Powerfull Browser & WebView App For Your Android Phone

Bromite Browser: A Bromite browser is a powerful browser which is based on chromium. The main feature of Bromite Browser is it is privacy & security oriented , ad blocking, Trackers Blocking etc. Download it from official site

What is WebView : Webview is an Android web app which helps you to view the web content in a app without redirecting the link to the browser. For example A Google New App, When you click on any link of a news  inside the app , a web page of that news will popup without leaving the app.

Bromite SystemWebView : Bromite System Webview is custom WebView app maintained by linuxandria which works same as mentioned above but with some advance features like ads blocking , Blocks trackers, resist fingerprinting etc.Its supports the Android version from 5 + but recommended from 7+. Download from here

Download : Download the module from the official site or you can download the module from  Magisk Manager which will be installed as systemless-ly.

How To Install The Bromite Webview: If you download the apk file then install it with legacy process.


you can install it as module with the help of Magisk Manager (recommended) or from  twrp recovery.Make sure you should have latest version of magisk installed in your Android. see details

Change the default webview in your Android setting > developer's Options > SystemWebView Implementation.

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