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The default location of all logs files are /var/log. Logs plays an important role when we do a troubleshooting or track the behavior of an process or application. In Linux it becomes more important and useful to monitor & check logs for troubleshooting because generally we are using terminal windows to access it.Below are some important & common commands which every sysadmins should have to use for tracking issues in Linux. Journalctl is the latest utility which is used to access these logs through the terminal.

1) systemd-analyze >> check the time taken by system to boot

2) systemd-analyze blame >> details time taken by system

3) journalctl -n 10 >> last 10 messages logs

4) journalctl -p err >> error messages log only

5) journalctl -p debug >> debug log messges

6) journalctl -p crit >> critical msgs

7) journalctl -p alert >> alert messges

8) journalctl -p notice > > notificaitn messages

9) journalctl -p emerg >> emergency mess

10 journalctl -o verbose >> detailed infoarmation

11) journalctl -b >> last boot

12) journalctl --since today >> only todays log

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