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compress or reduce video file size without affecting quality

Hi Guys, If you are sending a phone recorded video to someone or uploading a video  to cloud but you can not do that just because the video file size is too large. So you need to reduce the file size without affecting the quality. Then just read this post. In this post I will showing you that how you can reduce the file size  up-to 1/4th of the original file.

Lets Start

1) First Download the tool Handbrake. Its free & opensource. Also it is available for Windows , Linux & macOS.

In Windows: If you download the setup file , just install it as any other setup we install.


if you downloaded the portable version then extract the zip file >> go inside the folder >> Find  the handbrake application file >> run it by double click or right click and open.

In Ubuntu : Run below commands.

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:stebbins/handbrake-releases
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install handbrake-cli handbrake-gtk

For CLI : run HandBrakeCLI
For Graphical use :run ghb

Using Flatpack: You can install Handbrake from flathub. Install flatpack utility for your Linux distribution before installing Handbrake flatpack file then run below command

flatpak --user install

For update Handbrake in flatpack run below command

flatpak --user update fr.handbrake.ghb

In macOS: Download the diskimage for your macOS. Open it in your download folder. And drag the HandBrake application to your Application folder.

compress video file

compress video file

2) You can download either setup file or portable version.

3) Open the application.

4) Drop the video file into application

compress the video file size

5) Select the desire format & check the "Web Optimized" Option.

6) Optionally you can change the resolution for your video file with available presets.
( caution: It may be increased the file size according to your selected preset resolution or device type)

Or you can skip if you just want to compress the size only.

7) Just browse for the destination folder.

reduce your video file size with affecting the quality

8) Just click the encode button.

reduce video file size without affecting quality

That's It

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