How To Make Your Blogger Blog Attractive

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If you handle a Blogger blog & make your blog to look great then continue to read this post.In this post I will explain you how you customize your blogger blog even if you don't have basic knowledge of HTML language.We will see how we can completely convert our blog  a simple boring looks to one of the most attractive looks. So lets start....

1) Before do anything in your blogger's blog , just make a backup of your current blog's HTML code. Follow below steps to make a backup of your current theme.

i) Login to site with your google credentials

ii) Select your blog if you have multiple blogs

iii) In your blog's left side select

iv) In side theme > click

v) Save this file in separate folder.

blogger blog google

2) Now download a template for your blogger blog as per your requirement. Make sure the template should be for Google blogger's blog not for any other blog service.

Below are some links of sites who provides free templates.


If you need technical tips & support for free you can visit below site. for templates provided by templateyard)

google blogger blog template

3) Once you download the template , extract the zip file and find the XML file in it.

XML template
4) Again open the backup/restore option in your blogger blog and  this time you have to select the restore option & upload the XML file to it.

blogger template modify blogger blog

5) Boom ! Preview your blog again. You can see the transmission of your blogs looks.

That's how you can make your blogs completely change and attractive.


Once you change the theme of your blog , you will see some unwanted changes to your blog. Don't rush or get panic.

- Do some changes in your blog's layout option. Add/remove gadgets as per your requirement.

-Make little changes in gadgets entry like name, categories, social account links etc

- Find help in support forum of your template provider's site.

- If you need some customization codes, search in google for that HTML/CSS code e.g "blogger HTML code for drop-down menu", "HTML code to link my YouTube channel to blogger" etc.

- Get help from Google's official blogger community.

- Many more .........

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