How To Test/Verify Your Keyboard All Keys Online

Test Verify Keyboard Keys Online

If you have purchased a new keyboard then the very first task that you may want to perform is test you keyboard buttons. However this basic task can be performed on any simple text editor or notepad. But still there are some limitation while testing on any notepad or text editor like testing functions keys.So its better to check your keyboard's all keys with any handy tool. Here I will show you that how you can perform these task without installing any third party tool & it can be performed in any Operating System. We will discussed about two Online tools available on Internet.

Note: This post is not about troubleshooting your keyboard. To troubleshoot your key board visit here.

KeyBoardTester : This site provide an online utility to check the almost every key on your keyboard.You have to press the key & it will display the key with greenish color if it is working. You can also type your text in input field. A sound check button is helpful while checking keys with sound. There is a link to test your computer mouse also.

Test Verify Keyboard Keys Online

Keyboard Checker: This is another online site which provides the utility to check your keyboard. You can check your keyboard keys . You can test 86 key in this utility. They also suggest the best keyboard for you.

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