Secure Your Facebook Account From Hackers

secure your facebook account from hacker

Security is our first concern when doing online stuff. Social media is one of the most using online platform where people shares their personal things across the globe. what if someone hack /steal your social account credentials & misuse your account.This will be the worst thing. According to Microsoft latest research 8 trillion threats signals are received by Microsoft in a single day.So now you know how it is important to secure your social accounts because you even don't know how & who can steal these private information from your device.

        So I made a video on securing your Facebook credentials that it's been hard for someone to access / hack your Facebook account. I am just trying to explain the security features which Facebook provides for users.But most of the people don't even know these settings or may don't use. So its right time to use these settings.

Watch my YouTube video & secure your account now.

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