How To Install VirtualBox in Arch / Manjaro Linux

Hi Guys, In this post I just want you to update about the commands which will be helpful while installing Oracle Virtual Box Manager in Arch / Manjaro Linux. If you simply install the Oracle Virtual Box Manager . You might get some error (see pic 1) while running the Oracle Virtual Box Manger.

Pic 1

So Its recommended that just follow some simple steps to install Oracle Virtual Box Manager without any hassle.

Steps To Install Oracle VBox Manager In Arch Base Linux

1) First check your current kernel version in your Manjaro / Arch Linux.

uname -r

Or if you are using multi kernel feature ( Manjaro Linux ) then check which is your current kernel running in your system.

mhwd-kernel -li

2) Now run the below command to install the virtual box.

sudo pacman -Syu virtualbox linuxXX-virtualbox-host-modules

Here you can see XX letter, just replace these letters with your kernel version e.g if kernel version is 5.6.15-1 Manjaro then you should type 56 instead of XX

3) Now you have to reload the virtual box module into your kernel. run below command to accomplish this.

$ sudo vboxreload

4) Now you have to add your account to vboxusers group. This is for non-root / admin accounts.

sudo gpasswd -a $USER vboxusers

Extension Pack Installation

Its enough for general purpose of VirtualBox manager. But if your want to install Extension package for VirtualBox manager. run the below commands.

5) Run the below command to install the Extension Pack.

pamac build virtualbox-ext-oracle

6) It will prompt you for building and installing package, follow below steps..

(i) "Edit the build file" >>> Press N

ii) "Apply Trasaction" >>> Press y

iii) Enter your root password

7) Now logout from current session & re-login into system. That's All.

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