How To Install Top Social Media Application On Your Linux System


According to latest report approx 4 billion people are on social media and it is the half population of the whole world. There are plenty of social media platforms available on internet. But top most are very few that you can count on your finger tips. Some of most popular social media platforms are Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, YouTube, Telegram, Twitter, Snapchat etc. Most of you people using these applications on your smartphone. May be some of you also using these applications through your web browsers or Windows PC. But today I will show you that how you can install these apps in your Linux system. Lets start...


List Of Social Media Apps That You Can Install In Linux 




There are many options available to install Whatsapp web base application.Some of them are below.

whatsapp application for Linux system

Snap Package: This one is the most easiest way to install the Whatsapp web base application in your Linux system. You have to install the snap package manager first, which will manage the snap packages for your Linux system. 

Install snap package manager in Debian

sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install snapd

Install snap package manager in RPM base distro

sudo yum update && sudo yum install snapd

Install snap package manager in Arch base distro

sudo pacman -Sy snapd 

For more distro your can visit the snapcraft store > search for your package > below the page select your distro from list > check the installation details or visit the installing snap documentation

Once you install snapd , run below command from terminal.

sudo snap install whatsapp-for-linux

Now you have web base whatsapp application for your Linux system.

From Source Code : Click the link of GitHub project for web base WhatsApp app for Linux. Download the package for your distro ( Debain, Arch) and install or you can download the source code and compile it on your Linux machine and install it.

Arch/Manjaro user can also use the below command to install whatsapp application.

pamac build whatsapp-nativefier



instagram DM messenger App for Linux

Instagram Direct Messenger App is one another best application for Linux desktop for chatting on Instagram. You can download this application from official site or you can visit their GitHub account for more information. App is written  in Node.js , so you have to install  the Node.js in your system first.



There is an unofficial instagram application available in snapcraft store that you can install on your Linux platform. One of them is instagramport   & Instagraph





telegram, app for Linux system

You can install telegram app on your Linux system. just download the tar ball file from official link . Just extract the tar file & you will find two binary files Telegram & Updater . run the Telegram executable file by ./Telegram from the same directory or create a shortcut app launcher for that file. 

Note: This method does not “install” the app on your system, but it will add a ‘Telegram’ app shortcut to your system app launcher/app menu. Just remember to not delete the binary file it links to!

Telegram Snap : Another way to install the Telegram application via snap package.Install snap package manager as earlier explained then run the below command from terminal.
sudo snap install telegram-desktop

Build From Source Code : You can Also install the package by build the app by yourself. Go to the official Telegram GitHub repository & find the detail instructions to build the app for your system.

Telegram Flatpack : Install the Telegram Application from Flatpack Package Repository called FlatHub You have to install the Flatpack Package Manager First. 

The simple command for Debian base Linux is as below :

sudo apt-get install flatpack #For latest Versions

Or go to setup page for details information for any Linux distro to install Flatpack package support.

Then simply run below command to install  Telegram in Linux

flatpak install flathub org.telegram.desktop


Facebook Messenger


facebook messenger for Linux

Snapcraft Store : You can install an unofficial Facebook messenger application named caprine for your Linux system from snap package manager. Remember first to install snap package manager if not installed.

Build From Github : Also there are many Github projects who provides the unofficial versions of Facebook messengers with open source code.  caprine  is one of them. Caprine is an unofficial and privacy-focused Facebook Messenger app with many useful features. This is an electron base application with great custom features.



Twizzle App : It is an chat application for twitter users . You can install it from their official site. or from their GitHub Project . It is available for Windows, Linux , And MacOS

Twinux : It is an native electron client application for Linux Desktops for twitter users available on Snapcraft Store  with below command.

sudo snap install twinux

remember to install snap package manager first.

Cawbird : An another twitter client for Linux base system. Packages for Debian and RPM based distros are available. Alternatively, Cawbird can be built from source using Meson and Ninja. Or you can install it via FlatHub



Youtube Music For Linux System

YTMDesktop : A native application for YouTube lover for Linux desktop. It is available for Windows MacOS and Linux(via Snapcraft Store and Appimage) or click here for all available options .You can visit their GitHub Project for any updates and change logs.

FreeTube : A privacy oriented YouTube app for Linux user available in FlatHub. Installation can be done by below command from terminal.

flatpak install flathub io.freetubeapp.FreeTube



RAMBOX for Linux all in one app for Linux
Instead of installing seperate application for each social media web app, blogs, emails, you can use a single app for all web base application to mentain in one place. If this is what you want then rampbox is perfect for you. Don not need to login again and again or mentain them specially. 

It is opensource and free for limited (100+) apps . There is an paid version which provides access to more than 600+ apps. It is available for Windows, Linux & MacOS. 

For Linux go to release version page and find the perfect type of package according to your choice. The packages available for Debian,RPM, AppImage & SNAP. You can also download the tar file and install the binary files in your system. Or if you want to build the program for your self just go for it.


So these are some social media application which are available for Linux desktop. Which one is your faviroute and which one you use for what purposes . Please comment below. 

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