KeePass, An Opensource Password Manager For All Platform


In today's tech world , Everything is  cloud base or online including IT services, Sports, Educations, Banking services, Shopping, Entertainment industry, Medical/Pharma industry services etc. All these services are operated online. Its makes human life easy and save lots of time and efforts. what you have to do is just login with your credentials in the website and there you go to use all these services.

But one thing that makes these services hectic for everyone is passwords. More online services means more passwords and more passwords means more confusions and remembers these passwords is very challenging . 

To manage these passwords you probably needs a password manager. There are two types of password managers are there.

1) Online Password Manager 

2) Offline Password Manager 

Online password managers like Password Google which can be integrated with  chrome browser using your google credentials and Firefox Lockwise  inbuilt password manager which provide online cloud base passwords saving services. But here is an issue that is trust level. However these reputed companies claims that your data security is their top priority but after that  you can not save your banking details on these online service providers.

Offline password manager are safer and secure than online password manager. They can be much protected as much you can secure them. Some advance offline password manager have options to integrate with browser so you can use your password from your browser.

In this post we will see one of the most trusted and opensource password manager tool called Keepass Manager. KeePass is an encrypted password database format. It is an alternative to online password managers and is supported on all major platforms. Keepass manager provides the best solution for your all passwords management needs. As it is an opensource it is more secure and trusted than any propriety source code tools. It uses .kbdx extension  for its database file which can be supported by many other keepass based applications.

Video Link For KeepassXC :

There are many implementation work has been done on keepass password manager. Some of major implementations are below.

Keepass Password Safe  is a free and open-source password manager primarily for Windows because it was originally written in C#. It officially supports macOS and Linux operating systems through the use of Mono. Additionally, there are several unofficial ports for Windows Phone, Android, iOS, and BlackBerry devices.


KeePassXCFork of KeePassX that is actively maintained and has additional features like browser integration, ssh agent support, yubikey support, a TOTP generator and KeeShare included. Also provides a CLI. It is written in C++ programming language.

KeePassX : KeePassX is a ported version of KeePass for Linux platform. KeePassX2 uses the KeePass 2.x format, but can import 1.x databases. It also lets you import PwManager and KWallet XML databases. KeePassX uses the KeePass 2 (.kdbx) password database format as the native format. It can also import (and convert) the older KeePass 1 (.kdb) databases.

KeeWeb : Keeweb is a web base KeePass compatible password manager tool. Which can be used via a web browser and saved all your password in your local database (.kdbx) format. It has cross platform web base desktop application build with Electron. You can use these application instead of accessing the site through web browser as they have more feature than web base tool. They provide packages for Linux, macOS, snap, AppImages pacakges for Linux. It is written in JavaScript language.

KeepassDX : KeePassDX is available for mobile devices based on KeePass (.kbdx) file supported. You can download this application from Google Play Store or Fdroid Store



Conclusion : There are many other opensource password managers available e.g KeepassC but they are not easy to use as mentioned above applications. Keepass base  password managers are great in features as they are opensource, cross platform, use latest encryption algorithm, free to use. 

However KeepassXC is best in these all projects as it has enriched GUI, available for Linux, Windows, macOS & universal package managers including Snap and AppImage packages and integration with web browsers.

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