Best Whatsapp Alternative With Better Security And Privacy

The time when Facebook acquired Whatsapp for $19 billion , tech experts had got already an idea how facebook convert whatsapp into profit. And now every one know that at the cost of thier privacy. Whatsapp clears that users personal information will be shared with facebook in order to improved its services. You can read full whatsapp updated privacy policy on their official page.

After the announcement of Whatsapp on their policies for end user , many Whatsapp users are confused to use Whatsapp or not. If you are looking for some secure fast and private instant messaging app then you are on right page. Lets look at some best in the best instant messanging app. These are the best alternate of Whatsapp.



Signal is licensed under GPLv3, a nonprofit organization which have same features as Whatsapp. Signal is best known for its privacy and security oriented features. It is an opensource and community driven app , that means its source code is publically available and its runs on donation made by people.

Why use Signal

Signal passed through many security audits accomplished by many non-profit security organisations such as AICR & EFF accross the globe and always get best recommended security certiifcates. EFF an international non-profit digital rights group once said in their workshop that signal app is secure as much that you can plan your protest in this app.. Former NSA contractor Edward Snowden has endorsed Signal on multiple occasions. And you can find his words on Signal official page also. Once Google embedded the Signal protocol in its Allo messaging app but the company caught flak after it was reported the functionality wouldn’t be turned on by default, and only be active in incognito mode sessions. The Whatsapp Co Founder Brian Acton donated $50 million to support Signal as a non-profit organisation. If you are more concern about their privacy policy , you can visit the official website


Signal is available for all major platforms including Windows,Android, iOS & Linux distributions. Unlike Whatsapp, you can use your same account in desktop and smartphone in same time.


Signal has its focus on security and user privacy and they stand on it. Thats why you dont see many features and some fancy looks in this app. The features are limited. May be you dont feel good while using this and miss some features like online users status stories etc. Also you may feel some milli second delay in chatting.

Telegram Messenger


Telegram is a cloud-based mobile and desktop messaging app with a focus on security and speed. It is giving a really tough competetion to Whatsapp and Facebook. It is much much customized application with huge number of features. There is rumors that at Facebook there is a seperate team and groups which just analysis how to beat Telegram. As of April 2020, Telegram reached 400 million monthly active users and was the 8th most downloaded app worldwide in 2020.

Why use Telegram

In Telegram users can send text, pictures, videos, files (upto 2GB), stickers, location including video and voice calls.It is partially opensource that means client side application is opensource under GPL2 & GPL3 and server side version is proprierary license. Telegram synced all your devices and all your data is saved on its servers in encrypted form thats what cloud based messenger service mean. By default, Telegram does not use end to end encryption except voice call. Telegram has seceret chat service that makes its super privacy based app. In seceret mode telegram will never save any data on both end and your communication is encrypted end to end. You can use telegram in multiple devices at same time.You can register multiple accounts with same application unlike whatsapp you dont need to clone your app. telegram support 200,000 users in a single gropup that huge right? You can create your own channel and group in telegram. You can customize your telegram e.g theme , connection, Custom lock, Custom download path, Locla and Authentication Passcode , Chat saving location even can create a seperate folder for any specific group and persons. Telegram is comitted to its privacy and users data security thats why it faced ban in Russia and many other countries. You can use twofac


By default , Telegram does not provide end to end encryption for its users, for that you have to enable it by using seceret text option. Second , it saved everything on its server until you use seceret chat option. Telegram server side source code is proprietary that makes its in half doubt. Telegram has been blamed many times for frauds, misleading informations and security holes. They are criticized for thier encryption algorithm and not enabling encryption by default. EFF has recieved a score of 4 out of 7 points for its default chat function and Telegram's optional secret chat function, which provides end-to-end encryption, received a score of 7 out of 7 points on the scorecard. The protocol used for encryption MProto is not secured


Telegram is available for all major platform including Windows, MacOS, Linux , Android & iOS

Chat Secure


ChatSecure is free and open source software available under the GNU General Public License. It is excusivly available for Apple iOS. It supports OTR and OMEMO encryption with XMPP protocol. You can get an idea of security of this app that it is has been used by international individuals and governments, businesses and those spreading jihadi propaganda.

Why Use ChatSecure

ChatSecure is fully interoperable with other clients that support OMEMO or OTR and XMPP, such as Conversations (Android), CoyIM (Desktop), and more. ChatSecure only uses well-known open source cryptographic libraries to keep your conversations private. It provides end to end ecryptions . The app has been publically audited by EFF and scored 7 out of 7 points. It uses TOR to bypass restrictive firewalls and even encrypt local logs with SQLcipher encryption methods. It is available with in 30 international languages.


Its exclusively available for iOS


One major draw back of ChatSecure app is its not cross platform application. So you dont use it for any other plaform except iOS. There is not much information about this app yet.



Telegaurd is recently launched instant chat app introduced by Swisscows. It is available for Android and IOS devices. It is freeware properitary software which is developed by SwissCows AG.


Telegaur is available for Android and iOS devices

Why Use Telegaurd

Telegaurd is developed by Swisscows AG , A switzerland based company which is famous for its privacy based search engine. Telegaurd does not required your email id or mobile number to register yourself to use this app. Instead it uses a unique ID and QR code to add friends. Telegaurd does not store any userdata on its servers. SwissCows company is located at Switzerland which is best suited for privacy based companies like protonmail. Swisscows is solely subject to Swiss law and not subject to the data protection laws of the EU / USA and do not have to pass on any data, but GDPR-compliant. This is very helpful for any company to protect its data from government surveillance. Telegaurd provides end to end encryption for its users. For this it uses SALSA 20 encryption algorithm.


Telegaurd provides very high level of privacy and security to its user but its code is not opensource so nobody can audit how its been written how ever if you trust company's policy then you dont have to worry about code. Second, it is still in initial state and dont have enrich features as comapre to telegram, whatsapp or even signal. Telegaurd is only available for IOS and Android devices till now. And also does not provide any web access of messenger. It does not provide VoIP calling function yet.



Session is another opensource privacy based instant chatting app which is pretty similar to telegaur. It does not required any mobile number or email to register your self. Instead when you create an account on Session you will get an Session ID and a recovery phrase which is useful to restore your ID. You can either share your Session ID or Bar Code to add your friends with Session app. It is simply a secure and anonymous way to talk to anyone.


Session is available for Android, iOS, Desktop, Mac, Linux.

Why Use Session

It is an opensource project so you can verify the code. End to end encrypted . No need to register yourself with your phone number or emial id. Session uses onion network (similar to tor) to make a user chat anonymous to anyone with no footprints so no one can able to trace you.It is sensorship resistant means no regulatory can shutdown the services of session app.


There is no VoIP calling option right now. You can not chat with anyone who are on session until you add him/her with him/her session id.Dont have much options and feature as compare to another popular instant apps but hope they will be added in future. The project is in initial stage yet many things to improve

Final Words

If privacy and security is your main concern then you can go with signal app.

Telegram is really fast, secure (secert chats only), highly customizable, cloud based , instant chatting application with huge list of features, which is committed for privacy for its users. How ever they are infamous for using thier own crypto algorithm. Telegram services has been criticized for being vulnerable to online attacks. but people still prefer it for group chatting , disccusion blogs, channels and public groups.

ChatSecure provides best in class security you can give a try to this app and share your experince

Telegaurd is privacy oriented firm which is strongly believe in privacy and user data security but does not provide the sourcecode. However it has some commercial products like VPN and HULBEE etc.

Session is good choice for those who dont want to be traced over network (i.e hackers) or someone who dont want to share his identity while chatting with anyone.

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