How To Recover IMEI Numbers Moto G5S Plus (Sander)

Restore IMEI Numbers In Motorola G5s Plus(Sanders)

In this guide I will explain how to restore your IMEI numbers in Motorola G5s Plus code name sanders. Just follow below steps.


1- Windows/Linux/MacOS based system
2- Motorola drivers OR just install official smart assistance tool
3- Zip file extractor tool
4- Stock ROM
5- Minimal ADB and Fastboot Drivers

Note: For Linux system you dont have to download adb and fastboot drivers as they are already installed. check with adb and fastboot help command to verify

How To Find Compatible Firmware For My Device

Click the stock ROM link given in post. find ROM for your country (e.g letters "IN" in "RETIN" for India, GB in RETGB for Britain).

Now we have to understand that which stock ROM we have to download. Because there are many stock ROMs are available with different security patches.

First find baseband numbers. You can find the baseband number in your phones>setting>about phone option. or in bootloader mode. And recognise baseband with last part after the dot

In case , you lost IMEI numbers and no network issue , then may be baseband number is blank/NULL.

So note that If previously your sanders device had latest stock firmware(baseband 98R) and currenly showing baseband NULL then flash only the latest stock firmware (2019-10-03) to restore your IMEI numbers.(recommended)

Else If your baseband is different from latest one e.g 96R, 90R, 98E, 96E, 90E (or null) then flash the April stock ROM and then click update option mannualy using wifi.

How to flash ROM

- Boot your moto g5s plus phone in bootloader mode and connect to your system with data cable.

- Check with command fastboot devices from terminal if the device is communicating with system or not

- Download the stock ROM and extract it to seperate folder.

- Go inside the folder and open terminal/command prompt.

- Download the fastboot commands file

- Else you can make the bat/bash script for your Windows or Linux accordingly or run command one by one.

- Once execute all commands successfully then reboot your device to start

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